Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell

My name is Nathaniel Russell, creator of Fedora Stories.

I am an illustrator specializing in sequential art and character design.

I am a designer focusing on brand and print design.

I am a writer and director of skits and short films.

I believe in the importance of art with a clear story, whether the story is told with convincing graphic design, expressive illustration, or vivid imagery in video.  My work has strong sense of storytelling whether it is drawn illustrations, logo design, magazine layout, or video production.

In my work, my line drawing pieces show how line weight and direction can portray depth. The charcoal pieces show form, shape, texture and negative space. The design pieces show how I use color text and layouts to create a clean and professional product. And my skits and short films show a knowledge of effective story telling and composition. 

With a working knowledge of many mediums, I create solutions that are appropriate for design problems. My goal as an artist is simply to tell an effective story.

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