Bitter Comics

The apocalypse has ravaged mankind, leaving only
the insane and deranged to fight for what's left of the world. 
Bitter Comics tells the tales of these remaining few. 

Bitter Comics was created as a separate entity, but has since been
incorporated as a comic book company that exists in the fictional worlds
of other Fedora Stories media. 

The dark comedy MoldMan is the current flagship comic of Bitter Comics.

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Having been chased out of  his home by the Bleach Boys,
MoldMan journeys with his useless, chain-smoking sidekick, Guitar Guido,
to find out how the rest of America has dealt with the apocalypse.

MoldMan is written and illustrated by Nathaniel Russell and is based
on the original concepts and characters created by Anthony Curry,
Hayden Arcy and Nathaniel Russell.

Sample MoldMan images:


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