In the year 2064, a new government order threatens the lives of a young couple
leaving them no other choice but to go into hiding. But when android enforcers finally catch up to them, it is up to the lovers to decide what is most important to them: freedom or subordination.

KATIA is the first in soon to be long line of science fiction films set in a singular continuity.
This film will be followed by a different story: SURVIVOR (2020)



Shelly DeChristafaro as KATIA

Shelly DeChristofaro is an LA-based Actress, via the East Coast, with 20 years of experience comprised of several film and theatre productions, as well as, music videos and new media. Her most recent project was an epic commercial for the international perfume company, “Montwood”. Other notable credits include, but are not limited to, an industrial for the online shopping website, “YescomUSA” and a short film called, “Julius!” which was showcased at the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project and won the award for Outstanding Achievement. Shelly is a Temple University graduate, with a BA in Acting, and has worked alongside renowned acting coaches and directors, such as Joey Perillo of “Twelve Monkeys” and Tane McClure of “Legally Blonde”. This Jersey girl loves acting and collaborating, traveling and exploring, and she absolutely cannot resist a good hot cup of coffee!



Aidan is an Improv/Character actor born in Harrisburg PA, he worked professionally on stages for 6 years until he was 20 and moved out to Los Angeles, since then he's worked in front of and behind the camera for the last 4 years racking up credits and connections within the industry. Roth has many aspirations and goals for himself such as being a main cast member on SNL, working with top directors and producing/directing films of his own creation which he writes in his free time. Alongside almost 10 years in the acting world Aidan is the host of his 2018 born podcast "The Rambling Drifter," and is about to release the first volume of his children's book series "Playscape," by January 2019. Next year he plans on touring America for the first time, selling his book and doing standup comedy in as many towns as possible. He'd like to thank the cast and crew of "Katia" for welcoming him with open arms and making the filming process so unbelievably enjoyable! @AidanAndRoth


Erica Burns

Erica Burns is known for her work on the Amazon web series: Deadly Roommates. She played the lead in the short film: Jonathan and Joanna, and has performed in an array of other short films and theater productions. She got her official start in college, where she earned a B.A. in Theatre, Film, and Media Studies. She has been at the craft ever since!


ADditional Cast

Corena Sills Montoya as the Enforcer



Nathaniel Russell (creator of Fedora Stories Entertainment) is a writer/director focusing in science fiction, fantasy, and dark comedy. Taking inspiration from his experience in comic book writing and illustration, Nate brings a dynamic visual style to his work. He focuses on stories that explore personal and emotional exploration in unconventional settings.

ANGELICA OLSON - Assistant DIrector

Angelica Olson is an American actress, singer, dancer, model, and martial artist. Angelica revels in set life and performing in short, feature, and animated films. Always working on her craft, she has ongoing Stella Adler coaching with Marjorie Ballentine.

NATE LYLES - Camera Operator

Nate Lyles is an American filmmaker known for creating science fiction and comic-genre based film projects such as the live action, fan-fiction, web series project, "Batman Beyond: TS". With years of enjoyment in his field, under his company A Naturnal Project Project, he will continue to do what he loves, while growing and advancing with every project.




OLGA Tarnovetska
Make-up Department


Daniela Provatakis
Sound operator