Quench your thirst for entertainment!

Pop and Lemonade (formerly Pepsi and Lemonade) is a two-person entertainment group run by my good friend Charles Morris and myself dedicated to wherever our creative ambitions take us.  We focus on a wide range of content uploading gaming videos, skits, short films, behind the scenes, story readings, and more. In addition, we co-produce a web-comic, create background foley sound effects, and make TCG cards to go with our content across all platforms. Sounds like too many things? Well it is. That's the point. Pop and Lemonade is less about creating regular established content, but more of the journey of trying something new and learning.  It's all about the fun of exploring creativity, and we invite you to join us on that journey.

So sit back
and drink it all up!

The YouTube Channel

The main outlet for Pop and Lemonade,
the YouTube channel houses
play-throughs, skits, short films, gaming videos, behind the scenes, art videos, and even more. 

Click here to go to
the main channel
and take a tour!

Skits and
Short Films

These are the short comedic skits and satirical and parody based short films we love to make.

Casual Playlists

A lot of the videos we produce on the channel are videos where we have fun playing some video games or just chat about things.

The main playlist is:
Shake-Well Before Opening
We play games with other people on:
Assorted Beverages
Charles has his own gaming videos:
Can of Pop



This is a segment dedicated to all the bizarre foods we think of. We make them with some kind of handicap and force ourselves to eat the end product whether it's good or not!

Food Making Playlist:
Refreshing Recipes



We all love stories! So here Charles and Nate tell both fictional and real life stories alike! Also Charles showcases his short story writing in the Sihtetorwi Dimension!

Story Time Playlist:
Water-cooler Talk
Charles' Short Stories:
Sihtetorwi Dimension


The Instagram, The Tumblr,
the Facebook, the Twitter, 
and the Google +

The alternative news hubs for the group.
Here we post, group updates, production pictures, funny things, quotes from our videos, links to new
videos and more!
Click here for the Tumblr
here for the Facebook
here for the Twitter
here for the Instagram
and here for the Google+

The Bandcamp

Currently housing "The Background Album" and the Hyperdrive OST, our bandcamp account is designed to be a way for you to get and download any kind of our sound based entertainment, i.e. any future music projects, voice acting, sound effects, podcasts, etc.
Click here to start listening!

The Trading Card Game

Based off of all our media, the Pop and Lemonade TCG is a fun only project to see what we'd look like as trading cards! Based off of the Pokemon TCG, these cards can be played, but not that effectively as they are designed more for jokes than anything else.

The Web-Comic

The epic through time:

Story by: Charles Morris
Words and Art by: Nathaniel Russell

When trying to make a pie, Charles and Nate accidentally tore a whole through time and space, hurling them into the past. Now they try desperately to get the ingredients they need
to make the pie to send them home. 


Throw #1

Throw #2 

Coming soon.