What would you do to survive?

When a timid communications specialist gets assigned to a crucial government mission, she is captured and held for ransom. But when the ships she is being held on crashes on a remote desert planet, she must find the courage within herself to escape the hostile planet’s inhabitants with her life and freedom. 

Angelica Olson 
Andrew J Katers
Johnnie Johnson III

Nathaniel Russell

Esther Washington



This short film is aimed to continue the long tradition of meaningful science fiction. Currently, there is a trend to focus the sci-fi genre on visual effects and CGI heavy content, which more often than not leads to an underdeveloped connection to the characters and often a lack of discussion of important human issues or any compelling story. Science fiction itself is a very powerful tool that can be used to explore very relevant issues and complex topics, and this film aims to return to that ideology in the genre. Supporting this film would support many artists who are motivated in keeping true to the strengths of science fiction and the dedication to story over spectacle. 

The second Fedora Stories film will continue
the line of science fiction films and will star Angelica Olson.

Cast & Crew


Angelica Olson as Jane Fischer

Angelica Olson is an American actress, singer, dancer, model, and martial artist. She has 15+ years of triple threat training and experience as well as two black belts in Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido. She is an expert mogul skier, swimmer, golfer, English horseback rider, body surfer, and snorkeler. She is also proficient at speaking French, speaking in various dialects, playing piano, and shooting firearms including archery! Based in Los Angeles, Angelica revels in set life and performing in short, feature, and animated films. Always working on her craft, she has ongoing Stella Adler coaching with Marjorie Ballentine.


Johnnie Johnson III as COl. Eddington

Johnnie Johnson III was named one of America's most Watchable Men on the Phil Donahue Show by Suzy Mallory (President of Manwatchers International). He was Recruited by The Chippendales and The Ford Agency in NY. He used to Raced Motocross and is an avid Bodysurfer. Johnnie was a professional model for many years before going into acting. Recently, he completed a role in the award winning film Hunter Gatherer, which was also a Spirit Awards Nominee.


Andrew J Katers as Jason Halley

After highschool he left his small town to go to college and pursue engineering. Two years into his degree, he discovered the performing arts and found his passion in acting. He moved around every couple of years until he came to L.A.  He is the type of person who loves a challenge and loves to solve challenges! His hobbies include camping, hiking, snowboarding, and mountain biking as well as more recently motorcycle riding. His other lifelong pursuit is martial arts as he has trained in many forms since the age of 8 and continues to train today as well as coach others.

Nathaniel Russell - Writer & Director

Nathaniel Russell (creator of Fedora Stories Entertainment) is a writer/director focusing in science fiction, fantasy, and dark comedy. Taking inspiration from his experience in comic book writing and illustration, Nate brings a dynamic visual style to his work. He focuses on stories that explore personal and emotional exploration in unconventional settings. Survivor explores the immense stranglehold fear can have on someone’s life.

Esther Washington - Producer

Esther, who is originally from Germany came to L.A. to fulfill her childhood dream of being a part of the movie-magic creative process! She has produced a variety of projects from horror films to comedies, as well as music videos, documentaries, live performances and PSA’s. Her other passion besides filmmaking is horses.

The tone of the film will resemble the tone of the first FSE film: KAITA but on a larger scale . Casting has been completed and pre-production is well on its way.

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